No one would be able to follow without exposing themselves as he continually backtracked, always checking, always on guard. but it was more. The light seemed to be repelled from his body, moving only in the shadows, like a vampire fearing the burn of sunlight. A thought turned to an idea, an idea turned to a maybe, the maybe into a question, and now the answer escaped her lips as quiet as a summer breeze on a hot day. Ninja.


The Awakening
of the Wolf

The Jake Sullivan Series – 1st of 3
Look for Book 2 in the Series: Atonement

By Daniel Dolan

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About the Author

"My greatest joy is creating a book that my readers can fall into, experience all the emotions of the characters, and when finished, be ready for more!" Daniel Dolan has been living in the Bay Area of California for thirty years. When not busy writing, Dan enjoys caring for his bonsai garden, studying marital arts, and spoiling his fiancée, Shari, and his two beautiful kids, Megan and Jake.