The Awakening of the Wolf
This is the Jake Sullivan Series – 1st of 3
Look for Book 2 in the Series: Atonement

Publisher: Page Publishing

No one would be able to follow without exposing themselves as he he continually backtracked, always checking, always on guard. but it was more. The light seemed to be repelled from his body, moving only in the shadows, like a vampire fearing the burn of sunlight. A thought turned to an idea, an idea turned to a maybe, the maybe into a question, and now the answer escaped her lips as quiet as a summer breeze on a hot day. Ninja.

From the moment of his birth, Jake Sullivan's life came with an attached death warrant. Sins of a father, killed before he was born, forced Jake into a life of constant turmoil, strife, and danger.

Now partnered with his ninja sensei, Nakano-san, and his constant companion, Miko, Jake must unravel the truth surrounding his enemy to save himself--and maybe the world.

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